Aircraft Spotters – Concord is alive and well!

This exclusive photo taken recently at an undisclosed location shows Concord on final approach to landing at a private airstrip in the countryside.

This particular unit was purchased from the fleet of Concords grounded after the fateful Charles de Gaule airport crash in Paris a few years ago.

The person in the foreground is taking noise measurements with special equipment to ensure that the operation of this unique copy of Concord being privately operated meets the local decibel requirements on take-off, climb-out, approach to landing and landing. This Concord has been re-engined and a number of hush-kits designs applied to it and tested in order to reduce noise nuisance to a minimum in the take-off and landing phases of flight.

It is heart-warming to see that at least one copy of Concord is still flying, although the photo was taken on condition of anonymity. The reason is obvious: why would one of the few lucky persons who can afford a Concord be subject to acrimonious opposition from local residents and civil aviation authorities?

The only Concord still used in private operations at an undisclosed location

This beauty of a supersonic passenger aircraft is being operated for now on a non-commercial basis. A team of aeronautical engineers is co-operating with the owner in order to develop technical innovations that might allow Concord to be resume commercial operations.

The engineers in question are very optimistic about the future success of their efforts. And rightly so.

Long live Concorde, thanks to one dedicated person backed by a team of equally dedicated aeronautical engineers!

Supersonic flight is the way of the future.

More details to follow.

Captain Speedy Gonzales

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