Flying to Sydney’s Cabot Trail or Opera House?

Travelling by air to a remote destination? Make sure you are heading for the right one, especially when they are diametrically opposed on the Earth’s globe. A short taxi ride will not correct the situation, unfortunately.

For example, given the choice, which destination would you prefer Sydney, Australia, or Sydney, Canada?

Both can be considered as a paradise in their own right. The first city is large and world renowned. The second city is way smaller but so close to the famous Cabot Trail, alas with no glamorous Opera House nearby.

A moot point, a matter of taste…? Wait, hold your fire!  This is no laughing matter at all for a pair of flying Dutchmen who were heading for Sydney, Australia, and who, through some mix-up, ended up in the other Sydney.

Here is the story of international flight paths gone astray and of the aggravation two air travellers from the same family had to face:

Bluenosers are sorry for their much delayed arrival to their intended destination in Sidney, Australia. However, they do hope to see the grandfather/grandson pair from Holland come back to our Sidney in the future to enjoy the Cape Breton area, especially the Cabot Trail.

PS: You know what’s more about such air travel incidents? It has happened, in a similar way, to aircraft pilots too, i.e.: incidents involving mistaken runways or mistaken neighbouring airports (not diametrically opposed airports, to my knowledge). Whether or not such pilots are still pilots remains a mystery. Now, I won’t mention how often airline luggage ends up in the wrong place.

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