Memorial X-Canada Centenial Flight

100 planes to fly coast to coast to mark Canadian flight centennial – Canada – 100 planes to fly coast to coast to mark Canadian flight centennial

July 16, 2009
Steve Mertl
The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER–What may be the largest group of non-military aircraft ever to fly together in Canada will lift off from suburban Vancouver airports tomorrow for a cross-country journey to mark the centennial of flight in Canada.

More than 100 small planes, from World War I replicas to vintage bush planes and a two-seater jet, will be part of the Century Flight, the brainchild of Vancouver pilot John Lovelace.

The buzzing armada of private planes cruising at an average 200 kilometres an hour will make eight official stops, including one in Brampton, on the way to Sydney, N.S. They’ll visit nearby Baddeck, where the first powered flight in Canada took place on Feb. 23, 1909. That day, John McCurdy flew the Silver Dart off frozen Baddeck Bay. The flight was commemorated last February by a replica Silver Dart flown by astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason.

Lovelace said he got the idea after the United States marked the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers groundbreaking flight, recognized as the first controlled, powered flight in the world.

The planes will take off at intervals of up to a minute and fly single file. For details, visit crosscanada

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