2011 Most Important Transportation Safety Tips

   A list of ten (10) major transportation safety tips was released today, June 23, 2011, by the American National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).  The NTSB’s transportation safety jurisdiction covers more than civil aviation. 

   CivAv.com considers it equally important to pass on the NTSB’s major safety tips as a matter of public interest, with no commercial purpose.

   The NTSB is widely known for its concern in matters of transportation safety and it’s thoroughness in the study of transportation safety deficiencies.

   The list of major tips numbers 10. It is significant that many apply to civil aviation operations and to motor vehicle driving, while some tips are common to more than one mode of transportation, if not all.

   Furthermore, it should not be all that difficult to memorize the tips that apply specifically to the transportation modes that you, dear readers, can act upon as a matter of individual reflex or corporate policy:

1. Promote pilot and air traffic controller professionalism

2. Address human fatigue

3. Promote teen driving safety

4. Improve general aviation safety

5. Improve motorcycle safety

6. Require safety management systems

7. Improve runway safety

8. Address alcohol-impaired driving

9. Improve bus occupant safety

10.Require image and onboard data recorders


Below is a partial list of useful links pertaining to civil aviation safety:


Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)

European Aviation Safety Agency  (EASA)   Please note that not all E.U. member states have relinquished full civil aviation safety authority to EASA.


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