Appeal proceedings in the matter of the July 2000 supersonic Concorde crash in Paris

   The Concorde crash judicial saga goes on. In December 2010, more than ten years after the crash of the Air France supersonic Concorde at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, a lower court in France returned a verdict of guilty of manslaughter … Continue reading

Crash and Retirement of the Concorde Supersonic Airliner: What Next?

   What more can be said by way of generality about Concorde that has not yet been said? Not much, I suppose, especially since criminal hearings are currently underway in Pontoise not far from the crash site. More detailed facts, incriminating or not, about … Continue reading

Aircraft Spotters – Concord is alive and well!

This exclusive photo taken recently at an undisclosed location shows Concord on final approach to landing at a private airstrip in the countryside. This particular unit was purchased from the fleet of Concords grounded after the fateful Charles de Gaule airport crash in Paris a … Continue reading