2010 Farnborough Aviation Trade Show

   It is heartwarming to see the Boeing Dreamliner making a sure recovery from its delayed production schedule. Boeing deserves renewed faith in the B-787 from potential buyers, not so much because of the recent WTO decision against Airbus, but … Continue reading

A tale of two views on the present Concorde trial

“NOT ONLY MUST JUSTICE BE DONE, BUT JUSTICE MUST ALSO BE SEEN TO BE DONE.” THE CASE OF THE CONCORDE CRASH IN JULY  2000, AT ROISSY AIRPORT, PARIS.    Ah, the wonderful world of aviation together with a volcano eruption in … Continue reading

Recent Developments in the Concorde Crash Criminal Proceedings

The following post has been updated a number of times by other posts in this blog. To access the latest post on the Concorde legal saga, simply click on the link in the PS note at the end of this post. SUMMARY: More than three weeks … Continue reading

Crash and Retirement of the Concorde Supersonic Airliner: What Next?

   What more can be said by way of generality about Concorde that has not yet been said? Not much, I suppose, especially since criminal hearings are currently underway in Pontoise not far from the crash site. More detailed facts, incriminating or not, about … Continue reading

A Surprising Type of Flying Boat…

… in the ultralight (or microlight) category. The story linked below, complete with photos and video, just came in through YachtPals, a major website dedicated mainly to sailing.   Click here to access this most interesting new (or modernized ?) concept of flying boats.        … Continue reading

Update on large airport rankings

I recently blogged on the world’s top performing airports.  Today, news came that, at the opposite end of the spectrum, Charles de Gaulle (Paris) Airport, better known as CDG airport with popular variants such as Roissy and Roissy CDG, ranked among the worst international airports according … Continue reading

Flying to Sydney’s Cabot Trail or Opera House?

Travelling by air to a remote destination? Make sure you are heading for the right one, especially when they are diametrically opposed on the Earth’s globe. A short taxi ride will not correct the situation, unfortunately. For example, given the choice, which destination … Continue reading

World’s Best Performing Large Airports

Just as Skytrax, a popular airlines and airports ranking website, stated that Seoul’s Incheon International Airport was awarded the best 2009 international airport rating, an annual study recently released by the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) ranks a number of airports around … Continue reading

2009 South Shore R/C Flying Club Fun-Fly

The South Shore R/C Flying Club fun fly is an annual event held in the Lunenburg area of Nova Scotia, between Mahone Bay and Bridgewater.  See photos below.    The club operates a private airfield in partnership with R/C Wings Hobby Supplies  (see logo … Continue reading